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Certification brings credibility to your business. Consumers are more likely to trust and buy certified products and services that you offer.
HVB offers certification for multiple products and services and specializes in certifying brand domains.

High Value Domain names are domains that have been carefully researched and analyzed by highly experienced Internet marketing and brand naming experts and are valued at minimum $100k USD and up to tens of millions of dollars.

Some of the measures we use to qualify High Value domains for certification are

Market Status
Comparable Sales
Proprietary Strategies

*Due to market conditions, consumer and buyer demand, and other unforeseen factors High Value Certified domain status is subject to change.  

Contact HighValueBrands to find out if your domain qualifies for certication or to purchase an HVB certified domain for your business. Terms and conditions apply.


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Choose one of the HighValueBrands certified NFT metaverse crypto Blockchain domains and claim an award winning high value brand for your NFT startup or business.
  aNFTexchange.com aNFTexchange.com contact form
  BlockchainGameMetaverse BlockchainGameMetaverse.com contact form
  BlockchainGameWallet BlockchainGameWallet.com contact form
  CryptoGameBay.com CryptoGameBay.com contact form
  CryptoHomeFi.com CryptoHomeFi.com contact form
  CryptoLoanFi.com CryptoLoanFI.com contact form
  CryptoLoanFinance.com CryptoLoanFinance.com contact form
  f2pNFT.com f2pNFT.com contact form
  GoBetNFT.com GoBeNFTt.com contact form
  IDOmetaverse.com IDOMetaverse.com contact form
  IGOmetaverse.com IGOMetaverse.com contact form
  KachingGaming.com KachingGaming.com contact form
  MetaEXmart.com MetaEXmart.com contact form
  MetaGameBay.com MetaGameBay.com contact form
  MetaGameWallet.com MetaGameWallet.com contact form
  NFTAdex.com NFTAdex.com contact form
  NFTexchangemart NFTExchangeMart.com contact form
  NFTEXmart.com NFTEXmart.com contact form
  NFTGameBay.com NFTGameBay.com contact form
  NFTGameBet.com NFTGameBet.com contact form
  NFTGameMetaverse NFTGameMetaverse.com contact form
  NFTGameverse.com NFTGameverse.com contact form
  NFTGameWallet.com nftGameWallet.com contact form
  NFTgamingverse.com nftgamingverse.com contact form
  NFTHomeFi.com NFTHomeFi.com contact form
  NFTLoanFi.com NFTLoanFI.com contact form
  NFTLoanExchange.com NFTLoanExchange.com contact form
  NFTXmart.com NFTXmart.com contact form
  p2eAltCoins.com p2eAltcoins.com contact form
  p2eMAX.com p2eMAX.com contact form

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Choose one of the HighValueBrands certified Gaming Gambling Sportsbetting eSports or FantasySports betting domains for your Casino Sportsbook or gaming business.

AIParlay.com contact form


AIPropBet.com contact form

  AIPropBets.com AIPropbets.com contact form
  AISportBet.com AIsportBet.com contact form
  AISportsBet.com AIsportsBet.com contact form
  ARodds.com AIPropbets.com contact form
  AZbets.com AZbets.com contact form
  BestAIBet.com BestAIbet.com contact form
  BestAIodds.com BestAIodds.com contact form
  BestPropBet.com BestPropBet.com contact form
  BetMavens.com BetMavens.com contact form
  BetMobile365.com BetMobile365.com contact form
  BetMobileAZ.com BetMobileAZ.com contact form
  BettingTipSheet.com BettingTipSheet.com contact form
  eduBets.com eduBets.com contact form
  ePropBet.com ePropBet.com contact form
  FreePropBet.com FreePropBet.com contact form
  GoBetNFT.com GoBetNFT.com contact form
  GoPropBet.com GoPropBet.com contact form
  KYbets.com KYbets.com contact form
  MSbets.com MSbets.com contact form
  MyMobileBet.com MyMobileBet.com contact form
  NFTGameBet.com NFTGameBet.com contact form
  NVbets.com NVbets.com contact form
  OcuBet.com OcuBet.com contact form
  oSportsBetting.com oSportsBetting.com contact form
  PoloOdds.com PoloOdds.com contact form
  PropBet365.com PropBet365.com contact form
  PropBetTip.com PropBetTip.com contact form
  PropBetTips.com PropBetTips.com contact form

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